Friday, January 9, 2009

Hair It Is

Well the holidays are over and we are in a lull. At this point I'm looking for different things to do with my hair. I found a couple of dos I like and the website even had directions!
There are directions here:


I was going out to dinner with a friend so I thought I would try this style minus the flower in my hair.

My hair was washed the night before, twisted and pinned for some waves. Something else I learned. The directions called for a smoothing serum. I can't use those b/c my hair is fine. Instead I get one of my lightest, creamiest moisturizers and put in on my hands a good amount(I apply like I'm moisturizing my hands but not all the way in) and then I pull my hair in a pony tail and wrap the tail around my fingers to get moisturizer on my hair. Any frizzy pieces I can twirl individually around my fingers.

This is largest curling I own and actually for my hair and peanut head it was good.

I did a lot of bending at the root section of the hair. My hair already has some wave from last night.

I did more of this than curl than curl the whole piece. Then at the end if something need more curl I curled it.

Here's the back- not liking it, but I'm late and had to leave. I wish I had a mirror to see the back of my hair.

I teased my hair toward the back of my head, but I should have done more teasing right on the top for more height. In the directions it said to put the rat tail of the comb in there (the top of your head section) and pull up. Well that works better when you have tease in there. I ended up using about 5-6 bobby pins.

Oh well here is the hair pinned.

If you have hi-lights you should try and pick those to pin and also do a better job than I pinning them.


So it was quick and pretty simple and I'd do it again. That's the point of the notes!

No flower in my hair BUT I did pin my new flower pin (Christmas gift from Rob's parents) on my new purse (Christmas gift from my bro Joe and Nicole)

Diet update. When I weighed myself I was shocked I weighed 118. I haven't been that heavy in a while. YIkEs!!!

As far as the 3 of us eating better. He managed to eat all our fruits and veggies I purchased. Well I still have package of spinach I will cook and eat for a snack on the weekend. And Lucas didn't eat all his pears. Lucas skipped pop tarts for a snack and had turkey sandwiches instead. Every day for lunch he ate his veggie and fruit! I did too. Rob ordered his sandwiches on wheat and skipped a couple of sweets.



Sista B said...

Nice blog... and your hair looked just like hers. Luckily you know how to work the curling iron. For some reason I can never get it right. I need more practice!

Danielle said...

Hey Sista B! We should do a hair night...we could do waxing too.