Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Recap

This is my Baby Jesus. I seen it at an antique store a couple years ago when shopping with Rob. He ended up buying it for me that Christmas. It is my favorite Christmas decoration.

Christmas was great! It can be so stressful wrapping, dressing, cleaning, eating, getting to dinner on time.
But go to midnight mass and everything goes away! I absolutely love midnight mass. It's the time of Christmas that I get to stop, pray and sing. I love when all the lights go out in church and the music is done and we all sing Silent night with the only light shining on the Baby Jesus.
I miss my grandmother because I loved going to church with her. Every year we would go up to the manger and say a prayer and pick a piece of hay to put in our purse for the year. A reminder for the whole year.
This year I sat alone because the guys wanted to stand (they thought they would fall asleep if they sat) I was able to see the little girl place the baby Jesus in the manger; it was precious because I know the little girl loves carrying that Baby Jesus.
I did miss my family during the Our Father when we all hold hands.

Other highlights: Good Food, Lots of presents, Christmas music, Christmas Trees, Christmas Lights, Just the right amount of snow, The animals talking at midnight, People dressed up, Hugs, Kisses, Gingerbread houses, Mom dressed in Christmas Spirit, Rob's mom's Kalachi, Phone calls from friends, Our dog in his antlers and santa hat, Lucas getting his big present from Santa, Father Caruso, Our Parents, Sister, Brother, Grandmother and kids freaking out!

Wish I took more pics:

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