Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday outfits on a Budget!

I was thinking of all the jcrew things I liked and came across this sweater: I worked really hard on finding stuff in my closet and well I did shop. The Salvation Army. This I thought would be a piece of cake.

When I was in highschool me and two of my best friends would shop vintage and Salvation Army A LOT. We had so much fun. I loved it. Well I went into the S.A. and started out at sweaters. As you know if you've ever been there; they are in order of color. I was going to just glance over and see if anything caught my eye. Well if you have shopped there you know that just doesn't work. You have to look through every sweater. I started but then I was like nay. I don't want to touch all those sweaters! What a snot, since when am I above touching SA sweaters? I think I was just being lazy. So I looked through every sweater and came up with 5 to try on. Oh yes I tried them on. I did keep my tee on because well I just did. 3 sweaters made it home with me. 1 Beige cardigan, 1 pink with flowers, and 1 green Loft. Onto the above picture, I have a pair of white jeans and I'm pretty sure I have a white shirt (as long as my bust doesn't bust out). The pearls shouldn't be a problem either. I paid 10.80 for all 3 sweaters.

I only have 1 sweater picture:

Pretty close? I lucked out? We'll see.
Well after that experience I decided why not check out some Clinton Street shops (vintage). Bought a hat for 2.50 and I love it!

I also was able to find a gift for my husband for Christmas. I'm so excited to give him his presents. This year we set a limit for the 1st time and I did go over, but not too bad. My husband likes lots of presents. I think it's cute he likes lots of presents; he's like a kid!

I was hoping to do some Holiday crafts but there is just never enough time. I was only able to do 2 homemade cards for our parents.

I love santa's boots in this picture!

Merry Christmas to my Family!!!

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