Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Amber's Birthday today

Today little baby Amber was born

Amber is crazy
Amber is sweet
Amber is smart
Amber is tough
Amber is beautiful
Amber is creative
Amber is a great mom
Amber is a great wife
Amber is a great friend
Amber is a great sister
Amber is a great daughter

I first met Amber at a salon where I had the pleasure of doing her prom make-up. As time went by I ended up working with Amber and then lost touch. Then time pasted and I ended up working with her sweet sister and met up again at a Christmas party that we both attended with our babies- mine a Dalmatian and hers a clown. We became close being we were both on our own with our little ones.

We spent many times talking, laughing, and crying. One of my favorite times was sitting on her apartment floor trying to figure out if we could blend margaritas without waking up the baby.

Many times the 4 of did shopping, eating and playing.

When Amber finally met her man it was good bye for a while. She went out there and started her next chapter in FAMILY. I was so happy for her. I remember her showing me all these magazine pictures of things she wanted and designs of rooms. If she ever got married and had a house of her own she already knew what she liked. I was so impressed and when she showed me that I wished for that for her. She is so special and her ability to think about her future like that touched me. I'm so happy she has everything we all want. A HOME A FAMILY.
Her FAMILY is so Lucky to have her- I'm lucky to have her as a friend.

Cheers to Amber!
I Love you

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