Monday, December 8, 2008

What to wear?

Well lately I've been having a hard time with clothing.
There are 3 problems:

1. After moving I seem to be really confused about what to wear and where it is. This is going to take some organizing

2. The holiday is approaching and there's no room in the budget for new clothing- for me. Solution to follow

3. When I was single I would get home from work and put on the most comfy clothes b/c NO ONE would see me. Now that I'm married I feel the need to dress for my husband and who ever else may see me.

Here's what I'm wearing now lately- still a little sloppy?
I'm still working on it!

The holiday problem is going to take some work-

I loved almost everything in Jcrew fall catalog- which is strange b/c I'm not a huge Jcrew person.

Jcrew Catalog:

I love this b/c I love the vest with the pin on it and I also love the gloves. I lucked out b/c my awesome mom gave me a pair of long black gloves- so that's a deal!

So here's what I bought to imitate the look for less money

Jcrew vest-118.00 on sale for 69.99
Target vest- on sale for 27.99

Jcrew pins- would cost around $45-50 a piece
Kohl's pins- on sale 5.99 - I purchased 3 blue toned to match my vest

Target Skirt (no pic)- I found a black stretch skirt for 14.99 a Jcrew skirt would cost 59.50.

Now all I need is a picture of my outfit.

Here's another Jcrew outfit I love!

I love the flower and did put a flower on my Christmas list (maybe from Etsy). I think it's more fun for someone else to pick me out a flower - it's sweet.
I also really like the skinny belts Jcrew had- they cost 58.00!!!!! For a little skinny belt. Well Target has patent leather thin belts for 9.09! I went a little crazy and purchased one with a little more glitter and it was still 9.09:

Last but not least-

This dress is beautiful- I won't be getting it :(
But I'm hoping to find something similar in my closet-
then I hoping to pair it with a hat I couldn't pass up

I really liked this and it cost 11.69 at Target!

That's it for now- Frugal Crafts to come next!

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