Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday

So thankful for people who reach out and share them self.
Betty was a huge help to me with my breast cancer and last week was tough and I missed her support.
What came in my email?
This picture

It's Betty and Earl at the beach
I know Betty is watching out for me
This email was sent onto me from her daughter- so THANKFUL.   
How amazing it came just at a time when I needed it most.

I was also blessed with a weekend visit with my dear friend Barbara who prayed with me and discussed great things like survivor guilt, scars, and reading the bible.  I felt refreshed after that visit. 

And remember I had mentioned how hard it is to be joyful when other suffer and I read this on a blog I read:

This is a letter written to a survivor from a fellow survivor who passed away.  She had left a letter for each of  her fellow survivors.   

Beautiful women, there is a reason you have been spared. Don't let a day go by thinking what could have been. Don't ask why me? Don't worry yourself sick. Don't wonder what might happen in the future. BE FABULOUS. BE INSPIRING. Continue to shine your light out in the community. Focus on life and actually living it. Don't let cancer scare you away from dreaming - for planning your future - from making those "someday" aspirations happen - TODAY. I believe in you. I always will. On days when you need a little extra light - look to the stars and I will be shining bigger and brighter for you.

Oh, and remember to always eat dessert, and save a bite for me.

How nice it was for me to read this- really made me think.  So glad it was shared. 
Thank you Betty, Barbara, Nancy, and Tracy.

I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday cuz I'm done with all this heavy stuff..............I wanna blog about my new obsession...........ruffle  No I didn't buy any................Rob! ;)

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