Sunday, April 17, 2011

God giving me little bits

Last Easter season I had A LOT of time for prayer and I felt so close to God.  This year has been so busy and I often feel bad because I haven't prayed as much as I would like.  I often wonder what God thinks and is it really bad to not pray as much.  Then I think about it and think about it and I almost don't even feel God and I get scared.  Well he is there and he does speak to me in ways I may have not noticed if I hadn't gotten so close to him.  The praying I did was intense and beautiful.  Recently helping at church I was talking with our priest and he explained how last Easter season he too was sick and was all caught up on all his prayers by the time Easter came.   I felt so much better- he too struggles at time with time!

So I often wonder
What does God want from me?
Am I doing what God wants?

Well the other day while talking with a friend about cancer and how much it sucked I said this: "We were saved for a reason and now we have to figure out what we need to do".  I'm not even sure why I shared this with her, but it just flowed out of me.  So then I got to thinking more about what it is I'm suppose to be doing.

So as it has happened to me in the past I got a piece of an answer.  When I went to church today I was talking with a friend who now has cancer in her life and she said this to me: "We wonder why these things happen to good people and it just may be to help someone else along"    
As soon as she said that I knew God is with me still and he will guide me if I just listen.   

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