Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I was always a BAD packer

I can remember when I was young and my father would always yell about my OVER packing! 
Well I was determined to do a better job packing for our 1st ever family trip.
 I actually tried on outfits and tried really hard to pack NOT so much.
The bedroom was a total wreck- Rob was out so I just threw stuff on and off- It was GREAT FUN! 

I think planning ahead is just really important.

4 pair of shorts
(2 printed
1 grey pair
1 khaki)
1 pair of jeans
1 pair cute pants
1 dress
1 long sleeve shirt
1 pretty white shirt
black tank
white shirt
jcrew yum shirt
blue/white tank 
sparkle tank
denim Jacket
little grey jacket
black sweater
3 pair of shoes
1 scarf
bathing suit
this is for a 7 day trip
I'm really going to take note of how much of it I actually wore!

I did buy a couple items preparing- I needed shorts as last year I lived in dresses!
My favorite purchases are my white sleeveless blouse from Loft and demin jacket also from there.      

I love this outfit and thought maybe I'll wear it leaving home.....

I went through all my jewelry and actually thought about what I would be wearing and what jewelry would go well......I usually just throw a lot of jewelry in for good luck. 

This necklace is my favorite thing lately- Target

I also love this necklace with my new Target sweater and tank!

This necklace is my 2nd Fav...........HotTopic

So I'm planning on these 3 pair of shoes..........hmmmm

This tank from Old Navy is sparkles
   Your should get one- they are on sale!

Here I am in the tank

My mom bought me the bathing suit I liked from LandsEnd and it's a great suit.
It's a 2pc and I'll have to post some pics of it.  I also love the cover up mom got me!  Thanks mom! 

I'm so excited to get away - The 3 of US deserve it!



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