Monday, April 25, 2011

Feeling Blue

I've had a down week last week- not sure why- maybe because a couple of cancer warriors I follow are finishing up there time here on earth.  I'm just not feeling well mentally- which I think probably happens.  I guess I should just step away from it and really think about myself and my own family.  It just really sucks!  I haven't known so many people with cancer in my life.  I look at my prayer list and when I move someone to the other side of the page it stinks and they move quicker than I like.

I had a great Easter, but knowing a family was somewhere else having their last Easter haunted me.  How do you show support and love for someone in such a hard time and go on with your own life with joy?  I'm having a hard time figuring it out.  And then on top of it I worry for my own end- A LOT.

So I'm hoping/praying that this week will be better for me- what motivation am I looking towards- Organizing my Life!  I'm really feeling smothered in my house- it's like we are bursting out the seams.  I really need to get purging and organizing so I can enjoy some desperately needed changes in my life. 

I'm back with my trainer after a little breaky break....

Which should help me.........also met a wonderful Woman to help me care for my lymphatic system- very exciting!

This is soooo cool to me


Amy said... you!!!

Danielle said...

Love you too.....don't know how you do it. Thanks Amy! I know you have your own tough time.