Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yeah- NO more- Take all the lymph nodes!!!

A wonderful study concluded that has actually caused Sloan Kettering to change their practice!

If you have a early stage breast cancer
with a lumpectomy (and radiation)
and under 4 lymph nodes with cancer
NO removal of all lymph nodes!

But if you have a mastectomy
(with no radiation) this will not be the case

How this would have affected my treatment?- Well I may have been able to have my mastectomy and after finding my 1 Sentinel Node was positive and I would be having radiation- I may have passed on all my nodes out. I'm OK they are all out and it was the thing to do at that time.  My case had some particulars that helped with my decision- BUT this study is great news.
It's great that they are constantly tweaking the treatment to make it better for us girls. Thank you Dr. Monica Morrow and everyone involved in the study.

You can watch my surgeon explain:
turn off or pause my music at the bottom

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