Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Well I have to say Valentines Day was  Different!
And a lota Thanks for that.

It started with my appointment for my prosthesis!  Yes eventhough I had Reconstruction I still need a little something and that is the case more than you think.  I'll have to do a post on that whole appointment.

Anyways- met Sheila from Klemmt Orthopedics and she was AWESOME!  I choose her because the other place said they would have to order the bras where as Sheila keeps a good stock and promised I'd leave with goodies!

I left with 1 white sports bra, 2 nudes, and a black- oh and something else- SWEET!  You have no idea how good it felt to walk out of there all "tricked out"  And for Valentine's Day to top it off!
Thank you so much Sheila!

Here's me 
The next pic is me without my pro
you may or may not be able to tell the difference
but that's OK I did it for me
like every girl should!

And here she is: 
I should name her
Since I'm so in love with my Lady GaGa tee it's only fitting to call her
Lady GaGa

I'm very Thankful to be working & having insurance that paid half of my cost for my STUFF!
Thank goodness my parents keep good insurance!


Since Valentine's Day was on a Monday Rob and I decided to stay at home and eat-
So the deal was Rob makes dinner and I make dessert!
When I got home from work Rob had everything ready and decorated the basement.
It was even better than going out
Lucas served us our dinner
He was dressed in a suit jacket and hat-how cute.

Valentine's Day can be a sore subject because there's so much hype and then sometimes it's a dud.
I had a few that I was really disappointed- how childish I know.
Now I LOVE it even more than ever, but just for the fact that I'm here to celebrate.
Candies, Flowers- whatever- We've got health and the energy to Love it Up.

Thanks so much Rob!

And Lucas showered me with gifts like a cool frog, socks, candles, nail polish, Tom's Coffee and
a beautiful necklace.
Thanks Lucas for making it special.   

And last but not least I'm thankful this stressful day is done - I very stressed due to CMC (cancer mind consumption)  interfering with  some things I had to do! In life there are triggers that set it off.  Prayers and Love got me through.   By the time I got home Rob was already gone (gym)- But he had out for me a wine glass of water and  Ahhh

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Sista B said...

How sweet and romantic! Your boys need to give mine some tips! I'm glad you enjoyed your day - you deserve it!