Saturday, February 12, 2011

Getting Pretty

Well I have a couple of exciting appointments coming up!

One for hair and the other for a prosthesis.  I'm finally going to get a bra just for me and my fluff will be retired.

I'm wondering where to go with my hair at this point.  My hair is growing fine and it's still curly, curly!  Now I know what all the curly girls went through when they hated humid days.  I can straighten my hair in the morning and after a workout I'm all curly up!  Not fun- but funny.

SO I have been trying to think of anyone I know who has curly hair that I could possible look to for a style at the length I got going.  Well I think I'm next approaching the length of Meg Ryan in You're Got Mail.
I can't really do much cutting so I need to figure out how to style what I got......even if it an old style.

So it's onto to a full bra, cut and some hi-lights! 

 If I was going to stay short and curly this would probably be a good cut
   Gee Meg was so cute.....I don't know why she messed with her face so much


Anonymous said...

OMG, I have always loved Meg Ryans hair short. You'd look great with it like that from the movie. I wish I knew of a place for you to go up there, I LOVE my girl here! You could always take a road trip! lol
Good for you for making yourself feel and look pretty!

Danielle said...

Thanks so much Stacy! If I have trouble I will definately travel for a good haircut!