Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cheap Trick Tuesday

Over at Budget Babe you can see that Target's new spring collection is exciting!

I stopped into Target and there are many adorable shoes.  I fell in love with these:

39.99- I am really digging peek-a-boo toe shoes- my ankles were a bit small :(  But maybe no one would notice?  At least something on me is too small for my liking. 

29.99- Well who's legs wouldn't look longer with a pair of these?

18.00- I just like gold shoes- I think all legs- shapes, sizes and color look good in GOLD   

14.98- I always wanted a pair of fold up shoes for my purse and thought these were sweet

24.99-This pair I didn't really notice till someone else was looking and then I thought - yeah that is cute! 

29.99- this is really cute- I wonder how comfy it would be

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