Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mastectomy Goodies- Shopping

Step Right In

While looking for a bathing suit,  I realized there are not a lot of choices.  If I want to wear my breast form- I'm looking for what is called a Mastectomy Swim Suit. A mastectomy bra or swimsuit will contain a pocket to hold a breast form.  They also have breast forms just for swimming as well, pretty cool.   The challenge didn't bother me that much because I like a good shopping (clothes that is) challenge.  I think I found some really cute things made just for us.

Let me explain if you don't already know
I had a mastectomy- Yes
I also had reconstruction- with a breast implant.
What I have is a mound like a breast, but not a complete match to my breast.  This is great because with out that mound I would not have cleavage and that would restrict dressing options. 
What I needed like so many reconstructions with a breast implant is a breast form to fill out the rest of the breast and a bra for that matter.
Breast forms are also important because when you don't have a breast you can go with out a form, but you will be unbalanced and as time goes on you compensate in some way for that.  Now that I have my form I feel more balanced.   PLUS it's ALL about MAKING US feel GOOD!   

Like I have already posted if you need a breast form you need to see a professional for fitting and other info.
Here is who I seen and LOVED her.

After treatment there are just a couple things you will need................maybe a breast form
If so.....Matectomy bras (they have the pocket to hold your form)
If you had all your lymph nodes taken you will want to get fitted for a compression sleeve for flying and repetitive motions.  This is to help prevent Lymphedema.
You can read all about Lymphedema and precautions HERE.  There is some great new info concerning weight lifting and lymphedema- they are a little different that what we have been told before- Read the Study HERE.
Great Lymphedema Site: National Lymphedema Network
And last you may want a medical alert bracelet to alert any medical team assisting you that they are not to prick or take blood pressure on you affected arm.  This seems a little caution yes- but if you are alone somewhere and they prick you; it will put you at risk for getting lymphedema and after everything we've been through we don't want that to!

This bracelet is from TLCdirect

Thinking about Vacation..............I'm so thankful for my Lady GaGa (my breast form-see her HERE).  It's like I have so many more options than I ever thought I would have!

OK Mastectomy Girls here's your Vacation Get-Up!
I've linked to everything - I hope!

I LOVE this suit so MUCH!

Amoena Buenos Aires TA Tankini Set Swimwear

The company Amoena has a lot of nice bras as well  

has regular suits and a section for mastectomy

Before I realized they make tops with pockets I pretty much mourned over NO MORE cami tops- BUT here you go one with the pockets!

Even my Medic Alert bracelet is cute - I LOVE yellow!
Amazon has other great ideas for Medic Alerts

Here's what it looks like on:
 And if all else fails and you can't find the right suit you may have to get creativee and Sew-In your own Pocket - they even sell them HERE

Hope this helps!

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