Thursday, February 3, 2011

Today was the best Ground Hog's Day ever~

So I weighed in with my trainer and I'm 133.6- YEAH!  I got a double hi-5 for that- she looked as happy as me.  I did do more cardio and I think it helped.  Tracking all my food on-line with Weight Watchers also helped.  Adding kettlebell to Monday nights may have helped.  Oh and doing the FitSugar 2011 Challenger really helped too......I've been doing a lot of work now that I wrote it all down.

I feel great!  I have finally gotten over the super tiredness and no more naps after a hard workout.  Oh and the other night at the gym I seen 2 guys I went to school with and they actually knew who I was so I think I'm getting back to Danielle.

Why else am I happy - I finally cleaned up my office at home and found a Target gift card and Rob called and it had $100 on it.......YEAH.  After my great night at the gym I went right to Target and bought my gift finally:

The shoes I liked- and I have to say these black ones are really comfy.
A Lunch Box- I love!  Hope I fit everything
A new water bottle that is SO cool.

Something about seeing the water so crystal clear makes me want to drink more!

It's leak proof

I love that the top is attached

A new pair of workout pants because at Pilates my pants are falling down during some exercises and my teacher says- "Do NOT touch your clothes- If you have to touch your clothes wear something else!"  Pilates is a lot about proper movement and touching our clothes breaks the flow and wastes time.  So I got tight pants-size Medium. ;)

So then I get home and checked out FitSugar and I had a message  - I WON a Challenge!  I won a $100 Nike gift card for my post you can check it out:
Challenge 3 Danielle's Fitness Life- Pilates

So I'll post this on a Thankful Thursday-
I'm so thankful for Everyone who helped me and continues to help me with my fitness

My parents- who are HUGE in getting me back into shape- as anyone who was there after my mastectomy my dad was like "let's go for a walk"......and my mom is always on my case- Thank God.

Rob- never gives any hassle about having to pick up the slack at home while I'm out working it.  And has some special exercises I totally forgot about.

Lucas- always there with a comment and ALWAYS keeps me going with great work out tunes- My new Favorite SONG- Till I Collapse by Eninem- AWESOME SONG for going the little extra.

My trainer at American fitness- Heather- hard, kind, smart and just a good person who enjoys helping others get fit especially older folks or people recovering.

My Pilates instructor at Mind Full Pilates- Kathy- hard, very smart, and just plain great with getting across the whole method and meaning behind Pilates.  She makes me want to do better.

Oh and the little guy didn't see he's shadow- Thankful for Early Spring- Bring it On~    


Amy D said...

WOO HOO!! Way to go Danielle!!! You should be proud of yourself! It's hard work, but the empowerment getting stronger physically and emotionally is so worth it! And Kudos to the Target card and winning the challenge! That's not just luck of finding and winning those are rewards for your hard work!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Congrats, Congrats.
Your on your way. You are doing
You must be proud of yourself.
Keep it going.
We know you will be getting stronger all the time.
You look great (baggy pants!)
We will def go shopping when you
get where you want to be.
It will be on me!!!!

cpauline said...

Forgot to leave my name on my
post! Duh, sorry