Monday, January 3, 2011

Well it's time to take down our Christmas decorations.

When I was growing up we didn't take our decorations down until the 3 Kings came- well today is that day!  I was so happy to finally have our families over to see our tree. 

We also celebrated 3 Kings by Blessing our house.  I still remember going to my grandmother's house and seeing the chalk letters and numbers above her front door.  Back then the priest would actually come and bless your house, now we can do it our self and our church was kind enough to give us a kit.
We did every room!

I will miss our Christmas decorations- but they won't be coming down for at least 1 or 2 more days.  Rob and I are off to the city for my follow-up at treatment with my oncologist.  They called me last week to let me know they were going to do my blood test again and also do some blood studies for my low iron.
I sort of dread going- but I'm trying really hard to psych my self up for it.  I'd like to go there dressed really nice and happy, it was so nice when I first went there to see and meet so many positive women and I certainly don't want to be the one to scare any new women.

It's hard going back for Rob too, but I told him we really have to start looking at the positives of things.  I guess I have all this positive input for him due to the fact we received a letter from Dr. Meredith Whitney and it was very encouraging.

Well good bye to Christmas 2010

Paper Fun

 One of my favorite gifts ever from Rob

 So sad this is the 2nd Christmas Eve we didn't put cookies out- Next year I'm putting them out!

 Some of my favorite Christmas fun, snow, dancing Santa, silly snowman -
They are always fun to play to with.

The two love birds

 I had to get a little table out for some Christmas photos

My grandparents and my 1st Christmas card from my grandmother...Mimi

1 of our manger scenes

I love getting Christmas cards

He's 14 and he still managed a little decor himself

Even did some bathroom decorating after Christmas
Thanks to some cute little gifts from Nolie and Nat

I enjoyed decorating my room this year.
 I hadn't put a tree in our bedroom before, but this year I did!
 This is what you call a newlywed tree.
At my wedding I was given a gift from Aunt Monica and my cousins and it was a box of glass ornaments for a Newlywed couple's tree.  This year I put a little tree in our room with those special ornaments.  

Each ornament had meaning for marriage 

I put the little bird on top 

 Here's a few vintage items from my mom I also put in my room

I will miss getting up or going to sleep in my room and not smelling these live wreaths.
I think the wreaths are one of my favorite decorations this year 

 I hung this pretty ornament on my mirror

Mom and Dad by our tree

Times are changing- Lucas cut the tree this year. 

Yeah - probably the last year for this

1 comment:

c pauline said...

Love this days pictures, you know
The 3 Kings feast day is officially
January 6th so you can leave up your decorations until next weekend.
That was how mimi always did it.
Actually she left her decorations up until the priest came to bless the house, it didn't matter how long they were there.
Your house looked so great. We were so happy we got there on sun.
to see it. You always do things up so nicely.
God bless you. You really make all holidays special for rob & Lucas. And really for all of us.