Thursday, January 6, 2011

Girlfriend Motivation

Thank God for girlfriends- when trying to get in shape!

I know I told my girlfriend Amy she looked good on New Years, but I wonder if she actually believed me.  I wonder if I made my self clear enough- She looked GREAT!  She always does, but I could tell she has been working out.  I also heard her husband make a cute comment about her bum!  Oh and my husband even made a comment on how good she looked. Go Girl!

Amy is a great friend and when I see her doing so good with her work out it makes me want to be better!

Thank you Amy!

Amy with Krista

Then I get a call today from a friend Jen- looking for me to attend Weight Watcher tonight- OK Jen is always a motivations because she looks like she looks like she should be running the WW meeting, but still she gains a pound and she's ALL OVER IT!  Yes - skinny girls can be annoying, but really they are doing something right and it may be just freaking over that 1 little pound!

Thank you Jen

Jen and I

You girls are great!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Dag gone it- you sure know how to make a girl feel special and good and I love it!! Seriously, I know you said that to me, but until reading your post I don't think I took your compliment that serious. THANK YOU!! That alone motivates me- particulary after I gained 4 lbs in these past 2 weeks-ugh:(

You are right girlfriends do motivate each other!! Our diligence and motivation will lead to our success!

Thank you again-
Love ya!