Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thanks for praying!

My friend did wake up and was able to write I love you to a couple of friends- so happy for that.  I guess the next couple of days will be hard so I'm still praying.

Tomorrow is Date Night for Rob's Birthday
Working on an outfit

I'm getting so excited about my hair growing- it can't grow fast enough for me, but I love to browse hair pics.  I would love to color it because it's so dark, but I see pictures of someone like Katie Holmes (new face of Ann Taylor).......

and I think I LOVE dark hair! 

I'm not a huge fan of Katie, but I LOVE her hair!

 I just love looking at Hair

I also love this color! 

 Reds are awesome too

 This is pretty too

My favorite blonde dos

 I just LOVE having HAIR!!!!!

Instyle also had some great tips on HOT ROLLERS
When I can get a roller in my hair I'm having a Roller party

I really enjoyed browsing Instyle- I especially enjoy Shop like a Fashion Editor- my favorite one being DANA- you'll see why.

Tonight I weigh in for Weight Watchers - it was a tough week!  We'll see

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Sista B said...

Have fun on your date night! I love hair too but I'm terrible at doing it. I'll have to try that Suave cream with hot rollers. It's so hard to get my fine hair around them without getting the nasty crimp marks. And then my hair gets crazy static! Plus, I need to try out my new curling iron. You have beautiful hair and it's growing so fast now. Your hair always looks great no matter what color or length. You've got a great head of hair and so does Lucas. Lucky ducks!