Monday, January 24, 2011

Motivate Me Monday

Well - What gets me excited about going to the gym- well nothing really.  I go because I want to be healthy so I guess that's one GREAT motivator. 
I finally weighed less than 136!!!!!!  Wooo Whooooo
What did I do
I treated myself to a pair of children's Nike sneakers that I got a tip off my trainer about the sale!  Yeah

I will NOT go up over 135
I will NOT go up over 135

So here's some cool gym stuff

Gym Bags- don't just throw everything in your child's old gym bag like me get yourself something like this

Adidas by Stella MaCartney
Zappos- 112.00

I love the color of this Puma Bag
Zappos- 59.95
Puma Campus Handbag
Zappos- 40.00 

 And my FAV-
Ed Hardy
EBay- 39.99

LOOK at these pretty NUDES for the gym 
you know nudes and blushes were big at the awards
Makes you wanna go to the gym - Right?

Here's my new babies

So if you wear a women's 7 or under you could probably purchase a kid sized sneak
; )

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