Friday, May 25, 2012

Wondering how I'm so stylish and obbessed with fashion????
My mom is to blame
Look at that little girl in the red tights and apple dress.....stylin

Good thing my dad wasn't dressing me

My friend Leslie
and little joe

 Dancing and my Queen mom!

Sr. Agnes, Bishop Costello, mom and I
When I was 11 us Catholic schools kids were asked to right a commercial for Catholic Schools Week
It was a contest and I won 1st place and that was the commercial for that year.

Italy with Dad and Mom.............oh that trip was awesome!
no matter how much I looked like a boy

Big hair days

Fun with kids

My sis-in-law and me
throwing a Halloween Party 
she cracks me up on here- not sure what babe she was carrying

Blue Eyes

The girls I grew up next door to


School buddies

 AC with Mindy
  Aw my girl of all time

 One word:  TROUBLE

A wedding with my bro
yeah my wedding

The first stripper I ever hired
I never laughed so hard ever.....Leann's mom was freaking out in the kitchen
Leann was morified and I just couldn't stop laughing
Haven't ordered one since

my girl Liz with my 1st car
 my girl Liz in the craziest car I ever Yugo

My first salon boss

Beauty School
Hair School in Scotland

Rita Rusk School
thanks to my other 1st salon boss Sharon

Little mommy and Pokemon all the way

my girls always make me laugh
OH brother!

Oh the fun we had

Preggo Me

One of my favorite show was PeeWee's Playhouse

The Colonel's Birthday

Gosh he was so alert right from the get go!  So much so he barely slept!

Oh my desk job days....

my girl Tammy

My parents always helping me raise that little guy

Where I slept at Mimi's

My cat Fiora

Pleather shirt-Really?

Why so many pictures of me?  It was my birthday yesterday and I like to think about all the fun I've had.  These pictures were all pre-Rob.  I think of my life BR and AR.  :)  Just seems like a life time ago. 

The best is yet to come!!!


Amy D said...

Oh my goodness- I love it Danielle! Seriously, look at all these pics were so cool. Since I know you AR it was cool to get a glimpe at the BR Danielle! Such a cutie in that little apple dress and still are!! Love your smile!

Sista B said...

What a fun post! Love all the pictures. You are soooo photogenic Danielle. Now I know where you got all that style. Lucas is lucky to have your wonderful smile :)

Danielle said...

Thanks you two!!! I love you!
ps I certainly didn't post any awful pics...oh and I have a good amount of those,

Danielle said...
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