Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Derby was so fun and Rob and I even won a fire ball for best dressed couple!!  Forcing him to wear that suit paid off!!!

A breakdown of what I bought:
My feather was from one of the Renaissance Festivals
Rob's tie was on sale at Boscov's for 10 bucks
My flowers were a gift made by my Rob's mom one Christmas
My necklace - Oh I love you - Betsy Johnson I stalked on-line until it was 70% off.

My hat, origianl dress and Rob's suit was from the Salvation Army
I had purchased a dress for myself which was this one-

OK this isn't the best picture.....but the dress is actually from The Loft and really cute.  The problem was I didn't have the right bra and although you could go without- you can see my distorted chest.  And besides I did have a back-up.  Which was a dress I had worn at my niece's 1st Holy Communion. 

The hostess gift I took was also from the Salvation Army
I found 2 sets of glasses I thought would be great for the Derby party because of the silver accents.
There were 10 of each glass- I loved these!
I washed them really good and  wrapped each on in different colored tissue paper and they fit nicely in a tub Amy ended up using at the party!

The Mint Juleps were adorable!
The food and drink was Derby Fare and it was all delicious!

I found a cute pair of nude gloves at a vintage shop- but how about this- I forgot to wear them!

I just love the idea of nude gloves

We had so much fun with Keith and Amy

Thanks you two!

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