Thursday, May 3, 2012

Caring for our pet mouse.............

Well the biggest thing is cage cleaning- and it's not a lot of fun.
BUT when it's nice weather and I can do it outside I don't mind it nearly as much.

The supplies-
Spare cage
Rat Gloves
Cleaning supplies
New toys
We do not use the little ball you can put them in as they pee constantly and it's messy (INDOORS)
OUTSIDE would probably be better
 Now getting Dilly out of one cage and into the next has been hard as he is hard to catch......So you see his wicker type hut?  He coax him in there and then just lift it and move it to the other cage.
In his waiting cage I put bedding and a little crawl thing that I believe he can nibble on

I know he's just a mouse, but he is pretty interesting to watch. 
He checks everything out.

How cute is he???


 This one day I left him in his waiting cage for a few hours so that his stuff could AIR OUT in the great outdoors.
 I love these metal hangers.....this one had wood pieces, but you can change them up

I thought these Candy Chews were so cute~ and yeah he ate them all!


Finally found a bedding I like

This couple of months Dilly is eating Tropical.....It's Gourmet- Ya know

All set to go 
 Once he is back in it's hard to get his picture as he has to run around and check everything!

I love Dilly
Now if I could only get a sweater on him like Stewart Little!

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