Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Can Pinterest drive you nutz?  For sure!  Can Pinterest help you look good?  Absolutely!  Can Pinterest save you money?  I'm sure.......The DIY projects are great on there- BUT I'm finding I myself can save on my clothing spending by using my pinterest.  AM I crazy- a little bit- but it's not the worse habit I could have!

So here's what I do- I pin stuff/outfits I like and then I create a board of outfits I know I want to wear someday.  Some outfits are for weddings or parties and others are just for whatever.  Then I create a board for myself to have (a hard copy).  With the hard copy I can actually look through what I already have and check them off.  So then when I'm out shopping I have an idea of the pieces I need to complete outfits.  Being that my outfits are for some day I have more time to browse and get the best price.  I can also go to the sales rack with an item in mind.

Here's an example of one of my boards

The items with the smile face are the things I know I already have.  Like the red dress- I bought that for $12 for Rob's birthday party and I love it with the polka dot shoes- BUT I haven't found a pair I like for the price I like.  I'm in no rush so I'm still keeping them in mind.  There are some other things I may have, if not I may have something pretty similar that gets the point across.

I even post things I would like to make the cream skirt and green belt/sash- I just love that outfit- but finding a skirt like that would be hard.  You can even pin hairstyles and make-up ideas.

It's fun to try new things and sometimes pinning can be overwhelming so I find that organizing it a step further helps this scatter brain!  :)

Here's a couple of my other boards~

Oh how I love people's Polyvore sets!!!


amy D said...

You talked to me about the outfit part of this over the weekend and I am getting on board! My problem is that I try to make an outfit in one shopping trip and I feel defeated everytime. I am going to brainwash myself. BTW, did you know the creator of pinterest is a york, pa local- we sure no how to breed them here:)

Danielle said...

interesting!!!! Thoses Yorkers are something else.