Monday, September 12, 2011

No FNO for me :(

Our community has experienced the worse flood in a long time. 

The National Guard Arriving

 Our Governor before taking to the helicopter to view the flood

Our home on rte 369 Port Crane~ only ground water in basement and we were able to keep it down

 Maggie not sure what to think
Our rental home in Vestal NY~ lost a shed and 2 nice trees to the creek and a good chunk of back yard~tenants keep basement pumped~ they were with out gas yesterday, but cooking out on grill when I stopped.  Operating their business office out of the basement~hoping there business will be OK.
Storage unit on Service road~ surrounded by water but didn't get touched
Lucas' new desk and credenza we were suppose to be picked up on Wednesday when the flood was starting to take effect.  Not sure on how Sam's Club made out ~ lotta water around there.

We are so blessed ~ So many had to leave their homes~
 Our Community didn't need this.

Our boots are dry for now but the coming days we will be putting on our boots and helping with clean-up.

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