Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fashion Night Out (FNO) 2011

Sept 8= Fashion Night Out
guess who will be in the city?
Me and Mom
I have what will be my last appointment with the wonderful Dr. Powell!  He is probably my favorite of all cancer doctors!  He is my radiology oncologist and he is SUPER nice and very good to his patients.  He must be good because he is the head of his department.  I love his accent and attention to details.  If everything looks good we can go our separate ways~ I will miss him.  It will be nice to check a doc off my list.

If you haven't heard of Fashion Night Out ~ you can check out the FNO website

on the web you can search your certain favorite places to see how they are celebrating the NIGHT

I'm hoping to check out a couple of new places on this trip I really wanted to check out: Time Warner Center

and also you can get a booklet on FNO with The Shops at Columbus Circle (Time Warner Center)

You can find a great listing of the going ons HERE too!
You'll find stuff like this listed:

Betsey Johnson FNO 2011
When Thu, September 8,6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Where , 138 Wooster Street, New York, NY (map)
Admission Open
Description Music by DJ Kalkutta, makeup by Stia Cosmetics, yogurt parfait bar by yoplait, live models, cupcakes and champagne and a chance to win a Betsey tote
not sure we'll be in that area but HOW FUN does that sound?  I love her and she's a CANCER SURVIVOR so I REALLY LIKE HER~
oh and she graduated from Syracuse University

I really lucked out having my doc appointment on this day and then I had lunch with a friend who has lived in the city and is there a lot and she always gives me places to check out.  This time she told me of Time Warner Center and Columbus Circle and then she mentioned Forty Carrots in Bloomingdales (7thFloor) .

 for some frozen yogurt....I may treat myself!

Now if you can't make it to the city there are going to be on-line deals and stuff going on so check out the WEBSITE to find out more.
and how is my eating going?  Well so far not too bad~ not missing MEAT too much just chicken~ I love chicken and will start eating it once again soon.  I've enjoyed some fish and big juicy mushrooms instead of my other usual main courses.  No SODA and that hasn't been too bad~ I've enjoyed my Chocolate Rice Milk and lots of watermelon or plums instead.  No COFFEE instead I start the morning with warm water with lemon and then later a green smoothie.   SUGAR- I've cut out as much as I could- but I'm wondering about my Rice Milk.  BREAD- I'm missing that most of all but I have some gluten free organic crackers instead.  No CHEESE has been good instead I may have a piece of smoked tofu.  My body has been really sore lately I think because I did a lot of stairs this weekend- WOW was last night brutal sleeping for me.  And the cherry on top is I have the biggest cold sore EVER.  Last night it hurt SO bad!  I think giving up a lot of bad things is really putting my system into a bit of a shock and that could explain the cold sore?  I have been skin brushing and even did a sauna~ yeah!
Mentally I feel pretty darn good when I stuggle I say a prayer or read from my Crazy Sexy Diet Book or my Crazy Sexy Survivor Tips.

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