Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Saturday.....

The tomatoes keep coming and you can never have too many tomato recipes!

This recipe is super easy and very good! 
Get your tomatoes cut up
and cut up a nice big green pepper

and then maybe 1/2 of a beautiful red onion

a couple stalks of celery
mix it all together
dress them with these guys
you can use regular sugar....i'm getting off sugar AGAIN so I'm back to Stevia ( which isn't bad at all )
stopping coffee, sugar, dairy and meat for a while is HARD
i am so thankful for my tea
and these guys:
if you haven't tried them they are good
all you do is stream them- i just use a pot of water and put them in a strainer with a lid for a few minutes and they are ready to go   

bust them open add salt and you are all set
at my brother's house they serve them with soy sauce which is yummy too.

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