Friday, March 15, 2013

Workout Fashion

Well I have to say one of the parts of working out that I like is the clothes.  It just makes me feel better about working out if I think I look half way decent.  I when I was 148 which for a 4'11 girl is hefty I mostly just went with black workout pants and a big t-shirt and that wasn't exactly my favorite outfit.  I lived in that outfit as I would wear it to work (very lucky for that) and then to the gym which I was doing at least 3x a week.

In the Weight Watchers magazine I seen this article

Now that I am down in weight it sure is nice to wear other things

 I love MizzFit and her blog- she had pinned this outfit and I LOVE IT!
 She is so cute - I'm really digging pink and black as well as the coral I've been seeing around!

 I'm NOT  a fan of Kim K.- but I do enjoy seeing what it is exactly she wears to the gym as she is a girl with some substance which most of us are- THANK GOD!
 Not all of us are like this young lady- although I like her little get-up.

 There's those coral sneaks  :)
   And here she is preggo and going to workout-
 I LOVE these sneaks!!  I love the black with a pop of color!

Now I AM a fan of the Princess!  I love her bright sneaks as well!
 So based on what I've been seeing around I decided on a couple new items for my workout collection- I did have to get rid of a few tops and bottoms as they weren't doing it for me not that I've lost a little more.
  I really thought this outfit was adorable:
OK- the sneaks I'm not digging, but everything else looked sharp to me.
 I'm on tight budget lately with the house building and all.....So what's really nice about this outfit (excluding the sneaks) is it cost me under $60.

I must say I love this jacket a lot- I hope it holds up- I do wash all my blacks in black detergent and I try not to over dry.
 Ok the tank (pink and black) comes with a bra inside- but there is no way for me to wear that alone as my insert wouldn't work and it's pretty thin for coverage.  So I did purchase the tank to wear over it and I like it.
 I do love the cut out on this workout tank- it's cute.  I purchased a size small, but I could probably wear an extra small - but I don't think they carry and that.

Here is the top alone- not a very good picture- sorry.  Gee you can only see my foob side- if you were to see the other side you would see a One good thing about a foob- headlight is never on- I love that.

I do like these capris a lot as well.  I think I could also wear a size smaller in these.  I did wear them to a Pilates mat class and they were fine.  I don't know if I was doing the reformer if they would work as well as reformer calls for fit full coverage clothes.  I've been known to pull up my pants too much.  lol
These pants are really comfortable- they are not supportive as in tight.

 And here is the back of the top.  I like this top because most of mine are racer back and this one isn't.
This is also nice because if I don't want to wear the white tank over this I could wear a racer back sports bra instead and that will allow me to wear my insert.

 It looks cute for a different look
So all in all I really like this inexpensive outfit. It runs on the big side- but it's very comfortable and light weight.  Like I said I did wear it to class and I really didn't do any fidgets!
I actually ran out after my class and not only did I not feel like a slob I thought I looked pretty good.
I think the jacket really makes a difference- it's fitted with some stretch and it's ruched around the wrists.

And where did I get this?
Kmart :)
You know me and the big K.

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