Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Well if you REALLY know me you know I'm a sap.  I remember crying when my parents got a new car because I missed the old car.  I love most living things no matter what.

Anyways today they cut down the tree in front of our house and I cried all the way to work over it.  I've always loved trees- I mean who doesn't?

When I was sick I took great comfort in all things nature and especially the tree out front.  I spent a lot of time in the house and I would sit on the couch and just looking at that tree was a comfort.  It's almost as if he was watching over us.  It felt safe to me.  I was hoping this Spring to get a cutting and make a baby tree- so the tree could live on.  The tree was old and dying sort of.  I mean every Spring a part of it would get leaves and it was such a relief to me that he was still holding on.

So because of how close he was to power lines they said he needed to be trimmed and he was actually dead so it could be cut down.  Well I was so happy when they just gave him a good trim.  I know he looked horrible all lopsided, but being lopsided myself I did could appreciate what he was going through.  Well because of a lack of communication they returned to cut him all the way down.  How hard it is going to be to look at a stump where he stood.

All this tree stuff reminds me of my favorite book as a child:  The Giving Tree
This book could possibly be the reason I have such a love of trees.

The book details the events occurring throughout the life of a small boy, and the friendship that he shares with a tree—with which he is apparently able to communicate. In his childhood, he enjoys climbing her branches and enjoying imaginative play with her; however, as he gradually passes into maturity his requests from the tree change. After entering adolescence, he requests to pick her apples with which to make profit, and after reaching adulthood he cuts down the tree's limbs to construct a house. Years later, he returns to the lonesome Giving Tree as an old man to cut her down and use her wood to craft a boat with which to sail away, after the maturity of his family, reducing her to nothing more than a stump. However, eventually he returns to his friend, asking for a resting place, and peacefully drifts off to sleep on the tree stump.
Plot from Wikipedia

I love you Mr. Tree and will miss you~ Danielle

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps that tree has moved. Just up the road as you will be doing.