Friday, October 5, 2012

Do you ever feel like you'll never get it right?

Oh I DO! and this post took me like 3 days to complete and a bunch of not knowing what I was

Fall around here is quickly turning to winter-like weather.  What happened to Indian Summer?
I was loving all these boho looking sweaters on Swell's website

I had finally finished all my Fall/Winter shopping and I fell in love with some things I bought!

A couple of things I'm really loving that I got were from Target
I love these boots- I need a high heeled boot to wear with my longer jeans and I LOVE this pair!

And I really love this sweater by Billabong from Swell- I originally seen it in PacSun

My second pair of boots I love are these:
I also love this sweater- it is SO soft and the pattern is pretty flattering.  I wish they had an XS because the small seems to run a little big. 

Why do I feel like I'll never get it right?
I've been trying really hard or somewhat hard at getting better organized as to have a decent schedule in place so I don't feel like I'm doing everything off the cuff, BUT I just can't see to get it together.  The only thing I have accomplished was setting up my clothing for a week so that has been fun and helpful, BUT I'm still struggling with all my other chores/jobs/tasks/ LIFE!  I feel like I get one thing straightened out to only find out another area is totally out of wack!  UGH!

This time of year and this month is sometimes hard.  I've gotten a bit run down and because I've been a bit uneasy I caught a cold and now I'm having some trouble with my mastectomy-side arm.  Oh well.  All in all it's been easier for me than last year, but I still struggle.  BUT don't we all?  I know we are all dealing with stuff and yesterday I spoke to a woman who is heading to Sloan tomorrow with her husband who has lung cancer.  If he does nothing they gave him 13 months to live.  REALLY - where do they come up with 13 months?  Nobody really knows, but hearing that really hurts!  I'm hoping and praying they have more options for them at Sloan.  I know they are in good hands, but I know the pain/anxiety taking place.  Please say a little prayer for him.

This month as I sometimes feel uneasy I think about a walk I took with my mother one day when we didn't know what the outcome of my cancer would be.  She assured me I would get through whatever it was going to be and that I would be around to help others.  So this month if I was feeling down I would turn to some way to help/promote a little awareness about BC.

I got all my wigs together, combed them and packaged them up and took them to the American Cancer Society.  I felt good and sad all at the same time~  the woman there was so thankful it made me feel good.

Even just wearing my pink ribbon is something I can do to raise awareness- Everyone should be more aware!  I wish I was.  I know some are not too thrilled with all the ribbon hype- but I am grateful for all the hype that lead to new discoveries and options for us.  As much as I never wanted to know much about a pink ribbon - I've grown to truely enjoy seeing it knowing people do care and continue to fight!

My weight is up a bit at 121.3 SO I need to get working on that!!!

I really wish I could just play with clothes all day- here is one outfit I got a kick out of:

Here's a jean jacket I bought years ago- It's by the name Bitten which was a clothing line designed by Sarah Jessica Parker for a store no longer around!

I love actually having time to accessorize....I haven't worn this ring in ages.  My mom had given it to me.

So before leaving work I had to dress-down to go to Lucas' game

Add a striped scarf.............
OK the striped scarf is actually the skirt I wore during the day.....LOL.

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