Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Getting Organized ~ Hair

So as I'm trying to get it together I've come across a few hair items I think make my life a little simpler and save me some time.

Well 1st off is a shower cap.  I purchased mine right at CVS, but there are all kind.  I seen one on Amazon created by the new york blow dry bar for like $18.  That's high compared to what I paid, but I believe it is terry on the inside.  Sometimes when I wear mine I feel like an old lady.  And the blow dry bar are the experts on keeping your blow out.  Check out their site:

 Oh and if you have a daughter with long hair- there have to be times you would love her to just shower and skip the whole hair thing~ how cute is this cap.  I believe you can get it on Amazon for something like $4.99.

The next thing I'm loving is my Turbie Twist
I purchased mine at CVS, but I seem this two pack on Amazon for around $10.99.  Two might be nice so that when one is in the wash you aren't without.  I have been washing my hair sometimes the night before and it really does help to get a lot of the moisture out so I'm not going to bed with a wet head.

Now I still like my baby powder for a dry shampoo when I don't shampoo my hair, but I'm loving this got2b Powderful
It give such great lift to your hair- it's awesome!  I bought mine at Ulta, but I've seen it in the drugstore as well.  It isn't meant to be a dry shampoo- you can use it after you get done shampooing and blow drying and it will give you great lift at the roots!!!  I have used it at times instead of the baby powder.

Another thing that helps with time saving is the classic bun~ I will always love the bun from my days of dance lessons~ I love a classic bun.

Read more about these celeb buns at MORE
They consider it the ultimate anti-aging hairstyle

Head over to Elle and check out the top hairstyles for fall

OR if all else fails put a hat on it....OR one of these....I'm digging them


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