Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Motivation......get's ya there!

So I get easily board/tired of working out just like I guess we all do?
So - What do I do?

I look to music, try new gym gear, sprays my gym bag with a perfume I wish I owned (I know this is a little weird, but a happy nose is a motivated nose in my case), and watching some YouTube!

I love sporting goods commercials and I also love music videos- I love that I can have YouTube on my cell phone so when my alarm goes off (which is on my cell) I grab the phone and head to the bathroom- play the video and get myself ready to GO!
Lately my FAVORITE is Under Armour- No Matter What. Sweat. Every. Day.

This post is dedicated to my girl AMY who always inspires me to GO! I love you girly

Don't forget turn off the music below :)

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Amy D said...

Coolio! Thanks! I agree I like the first video the best, all the different exercises, the attitude the pumped up music- cool. I like your idea of getting motivated by a video each morning. Nice!!! Turkey Trot here we come:)