Friday, October 19, 2012

Back to the Drawing Board

So I haven't been running :(  so busy!
And today I really felt the need to run, but I it was raining :(

Well my weight it up and I have been busy stressed I think for about a week!  Everything is getting back to normal so that's good.

I'm back on taking my Tamoxifen everyday!  I'm getting it!  Today I think I may have my monthly.  I've been having a few hot flashes, but they are always worse when I forget my Tamoxifen and then start it again.  I knew my weight was going to be up so I was a little down about it, but sometimes in life other things are important.  I just wanted to make the most of this day even if my weight was up.  I have been having too many up and down days- not that they were all bad just up and down.

When I feel like being a baby and easing back into life I grab a scarf and go

How about a random look around my drive...

I know it was raining, but you still have to love the colorful trees!!!  Sometimes a rainy day is a day to mope around slowly do what you're suppose to do.

This morning I listened to one of my favorite stations and drank my water.  I also keep chapstick/lip gloss in my car.  Lately I've been using the HEMP gloss.

And there's my shades- resting

I absolutely love scarfs!!!  I love them.  I love this one I got in the city a couple of years ago!  It's such a pretty pink.....makes me feel pretty- not sure why.

And what do we have here????  Well besides my cds and church envelopes I have my absolutes.
 I always keep perfume, mascara, and a lip color in my car just in case.

These change from time to time.  When I have a perfume I no longer wear I usually move it to my car.  Also when my mascara gets a little old it also gets moved to my car.  The lip color I'm using lately is BabyLips by Maybelline- in Cherry Pie.  It adds just enough color and it keeps my lips soft.  It's so funny because the other night I was running, running and was on my
way out the door to Open House and forgot my perfume so I was so glad to have this perfume in the car.  I hadn't worn it in so long!  When I got home Rob was smelling my clothes asking me if I was wearing perfume at the Open House.  We had taken separate cars.  He really like  It's so old I don't even know if they still sell it.  It's Ryder by Hollister.  Weird I know!

And speaking of lips- WetNWild was Buy One Get One Free this week at CVS.  Their Mega Last Lipsticks are really pretty nice.  At 1.99 each you can get 2 lipsticks for little over $2!!!  They are suppose to last 4 hours and they are really pigmented.  2 that I recently purchased are Mauve Outta Here and Cherry Bomb.  The Mauve is really pretty bright and I love it.  The Cherry Bomb is a nice deep color that I hope to wear for Halloween!!!

Mauve Outta Here- Cherry Bomb
I forget what number these guys are - I just know this line is the 900s.
Also they have a really nice pale pink lipstick if you need one.  It is Think Pink 901b!  I absolutely love this pale pink with Rimmel lipliner in Addiction.  They are pretty matte, and it you find them drying you can just add a gloss on top.  I even add my Baby Lips on top of some.  I have Baby Lips in Peach and it is so Yummy smelling!!!!

And if you want a neutral nude lip they have 902c Bare it All.  On me it's not too nice- I think if you have blue eyes this color might look better on you.  BRATS!  :)
I actually love the Think Pink 901b so it's OK.

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