Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On this day in 2009

Sometimes I like to go back on a given day and look up my pictures from that same day previous years....so here's today's picture 2009.  Gee to me I look skinny - but I'm sure at that time I thought I was fat. 

Married 4 months I look extremely happy. 

Oh what I would tell this girl..................To me in this picture I also look so clueless.
Who would think in 7 months they would tell her she was sick with cancer.

My sentiments exactly.

Life is Short - ENJOY every minute! 

And ya know what I wouldn't tell that girl a thing~ clueless and happy is Good!

My ride has had bumps, BUT I wouldn't change a minute.
I'm blessed - and St. Theresa continues to watch over me....

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