Friday, February 10, 2012

It's been so crazy with trying to eat right and workout I don't get on my blog enough.
I do get to check out Pinterest every so often and I just LOVE IT!
Here's some Pins I'm loving:

Hot Spring Color

I want a cat to do this to......

Freaking out over wooden head boards

love him

Aw the little girl who wants them to make a bald Barbie!

Toilet paper roll upcycle

I've gotten to the gym everyday this week and my eating isn't too bad either.  I haven't had a soda in over 2 weeks and also no coffee.  Met some girls at the gym to work out and meet up for weigh-ins.  I'm the oldest one though- weird.  They are 20s, 30 and I'm bringing up the rear for the 40s- Wish me luck!

And my favorite part of the gym is Rob being my trainer- I had great workouts thanks to him.  
Oh and I went back to Pilates and got a friend to do Zumba with me on Saturday.

Detox ends Valentines Day!  Then it's on to "after Detox" eating.  The girls at the gym are doing a 6 meal a day program- I'm gonna get on that. 

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