Monday, April 5, 2010

Treatment 7 Done- Only 1 more!

I'm so excited that #7 is done! My dear dad took me to treatment today and this was the first time I got home when it was still light out. I loved spending time with my dad- He is great!

It was a great day. I did get to see my friend M there. I'm going to miss see her every time. She is great. We talked a lot about changing our lifestyles - like exercise and eating. It's very scary and we wonder how we are going to do it. It's hard enough working and preparing without trying to figure what foods should always buy organic and which you don't have to. Now I have to work on healthy recipes. I have started a note book for myself but I still am confused as to the best way to set it up. Also I don't want to over do it and fail. I need to start with like 2 meals a week and 1 soup. And a veggie and fruit every day.

I'm still confused on the water thing. I now don't want to use plastic water bottle unless I'm desperate. What's with the water cartons I've been seeing on TV?

Then there are times I hear of someone doing everything right and still have cancer come back...Well the eating good will only make me healthier for sickness that may come my way. Let's face I am going to have to get something that kills me and gets me into heaven.LOL

I just want to sort of look healthy.

I have been walking more- but you'd never know it. I may have to look into a book on menopause.

Some of my cancer friends had scares these past couple of weeks and they are all ok. My dear friend lost her mom and I will be praying for her. She had helped me a lot and still does.

I have some back and rib pain that I am not enjoying. I'm going to give it sometime before I freak out and insist I need a scan or something. I remember hurting myself in our closet so I hope it is from that.

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