Monday, February 1, 2010

The Girls

I knew this week would be hard and Amber knew too. What I didn't know is that she would be there for me no matter what. I love her and Erin for that and will never forget it.
I cried a few times after they left, because I love them and miss them. BUT they left me with a new feeling of I'm O.K.!

It was great seeing their bright happy faces. They looked so pretty and happy. I was a little nervous to see them, I wanted to look like me. Well as soon as I seen them and they looked at me I felt O.K. We hugged, kissed, shaved my head, ate, talked about crocheting, wigs, family, and the old days. The day couldn't be any more perfect. I felt like me. They really got me going again!

I love my Willow Tree "Courage"
Courage was perfect theme for this past week.

I also loved my Vanilla Scents for the shower.

And these 2 things are in packed in my purse for everyday use.............yummy.

The wig shop..........

Lucas' contribution to my wig shop

Thank you my gorgeous FRIENDS for picking me up when I was struggling...
I love you


jenjen said...

What sweet friends!! So wonderful that they are there for you! I love your little courage figurine! You are courageous and beautiful!!!


PS - I love that clock behind the figurine too. So cool! Have a good week Danielle!

Lizzie said...

Just in case your comments don't go to your email....I left a comment today, but on a post from October. Make sure you check. = ) Take care.

Alan said...

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