Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thank you for praying for me

I had the surgery and it went well. I now wait for a pathology report to determine for sure my nodes are negative...so far they looked good. I couldn't have asked for a better surgery. I continue to pray and it is so good for me. I am getting closer and closer to Jesus. This whole experience has given that gift.

I also have the gift of family and friends. I have rec'd so many wonderful gifts from people. I never appreciated all the wonderful people in my life...thought I did but I am so happy to have so many wonderful people. I thank God for you every day.
What to get someone who is sick-
Check out some of these gifts:
A Week of meals from a near by food place we love!
A new Polar Fleece(with pink bow stitched in on) for a girl that live in a 19something fleece
PJS, metal water bottle, Soft Robe, Halloween treat pot
Light a pumpkin and leave it on her doorstep along with a Welcome home sign
Gift Card to Wegmens
All Natural Body wash with Candle
Awesome Floral arrangement from old time friends
Pedicure with a Chef Salad
Greek Salad hand delivered from PA
Beef Barley Soup
Homemade Lasagna
Homemade Chicken and Bisc
Inspirational Plaque
Holy Water from Turkey (where the blessed Mary lived after Jesus went to heaven)
Prayer cards
St. Theresa Card
Mass prayers
Beautiful Cards Some with money in them
Body Lotion
Halloween cookie and a Scarecrow
Button up shirts
Internet information
Newspaper articles
Babysit Karl
Angel pins
Good book- about women who cook
Pink Ribbon pins
People praying over me at healing mass
My Favorite Socks
Pictures from Nolie
Meal with Friends
Salmon from Red Lobster and food from Wegmans
Offers to help
Caring Canines visiting at the hospital
Calls to check on us
Tips on what to eat and not to eat
Book reservation for us- paying for our room
Help with Lucas
Books on Positive thinking
The sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick
Walks, walks and more walks
Talks, talks and more talks
Cancer Patience's sharing and helping me along the way
Medal of Pope John Paul
Rosary made of Roses from Castile
I love Us
I write this all down - not to brag but to Never forget all that has been given to us in such a hard time.

Rob has been wonderful. How he knows how to be so good to me? I guess good upbringing! Yesterday he made a bath and even put candles in the bathroom. It meant a lot to me because only once in a while I feel bad about not having my breast. That only lasts a second because I gave it up to live an get my life back. I'm so glad the tumor is gone. I'm glad God was there to watch and help my surgeons do a good job. Having Lucas there was a great help because it reminded me of giving birth. I was so scared to give birth but because I would end up with a new little life it wasn't half bad! So I just looked at getting my surgery as getting ready for a new life with Rob and Lucas at the end of the tunnel.

Lucas is so good about helping me as well. He is always offering to do things for me.

I have to get going. I have exercises to do and prayers. Oh and eat an apple. The med constipate me. Yeah. We all know my issue with that. Well I did finally poop. LOL I am drinking a glass of prune juice in the am and pm and eating an apple a day. I am also drinking at least 3 bottles of waters. I am also meditating 1x a day and praying 2x. This stuff has been helping me a lot. I haven't had an issue with my stomach.

Going to the city I notice how good some women smell and it makes me want to check out perfume. Then I read this article in Women's Health and thought it was cool. You can look up your old time scent and get an updated version:
Click on the pic to go to the article.

I'm getting excited about Fall and Sweaters! WH also had a cool article on Sweaters
A lot of the stuff was too much for most- but this scarf was cute and affordable!

Wow I'm tired now. I must go...little bit of pain now.

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Amy said...

Now this is the D I know! I am glad to see you are getting strength from god, within yourself and from others who love you. Just by reading these last couple posts I see that strength in you. I admire you for that and pray that you continue to have that. I am really looking forward to talking to you. We keeps missing calls. I will try you this weekend.