Friday, November 6, 2009

Little Nolie- I LOVE when Nolan makes me pics. This is a picture of ME! Don't I look cute and skinny.

Some pics that make me smile lately
Card- from my girlfriend Leann
Picture taken a couple days before I heard the cancer.

Lucas taking pics of himself!

I love flowers!

I wish Rob would let me take pics of him :(

I wasn't feeling well today.
Yesterday I was able to get rid of my surgery bra. I now can wear a bra of my own- except one side has no under wire.


Sista B said...

Hope you are feeling better, especially with all those special pics. I think Nolie will be my only shot at creating a perfect gentleman... he really is so sweet. Rob won't let you take his picture? Geez, I thought I was camera shy. I met up with you in my dreams last night. Maybe I can call you tonight. We've had a house full of sickies this week - hope all are well at your house.

Love, B

Danielle said...

oh boy- can't wait to hear
get well you guys!