Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh Easter....I love you!

There are some things I miss at Easter- mostly going to Pennsylvania to visit family and eating at my grandmother's house (Mimi's).  I remember when my grandmother would put together an Easter Basket and it would get blessed.  I would give anything to see one of those baskets again.  Why don't we do that anymore?

Here is an example of a typical Polish basket~
click on the picture to read more on the Polish tradition

Oh and the lamb made out of butter- a couple years back I found one at the grocery store- I may look for one this year.  I just love that because it reminds me of Mimi's house.

Look at this adorable butter lamb
And then on the other side of the family we have the Italians- loud and proud and always Easter Pie- which most would think was some sort of meat pie.  I remember being little and not really digging this Pie- BUT now I actually like it and I hope this Easter I'll get a piece.  I have a wonderful Aunt who makes the best Easter Pie.

This year I would love to start my own tradition and maybe make an Easter Bread

I know for sure I want to color my eggs gold

And I bought the stuff and I hope to make this for our Easter dessert.....We would normally have a Bunny Cake made by Rob's mom- but this year will this Sunflower Cake will hopefully be what we end up with.  I'll miss the bunny and all that yummy coconut- but there is no way I'm pulling a bunny out of any of my

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