Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dream Kitchen

Way before pinterest.....I used to copy pictures to a folder and way before that I started cutting out pictures and saving them......that was after one of my best friends showed me a notebook she had of all the beautiful things she liked and would hope to have some day in her house.  I definitely wasn't at good at it as her - but I tried.

Anyways- I did always keep this one folder with "Dream Kitchen".  It's funny to look back at what I've liked.  This kitchen is still a dream kitchen, but not something I will ever have as it is something that would be beautiful in an older home.  I do still however adore this kitchen.
I seen it in a movie and never forgot it!

Here are some pics I came across in a folder on my computer....

I loved the glass back splash

Yes I dig white and silver

I am a sucker for yellow and nice big windows for the SUN to shine in

I like this one because of all the natural material used...stone and wood.

Now this monster of a home has a couple things I adore for a kitchen and eating area

A very interesting eating area that can be like eating with nature

And a wonderful view of beautiful trees

And now some pins I've pinned

I love the tin ceiling and really love the built in dog dishes....gotta love DOG lovers!! 

Another stunning outdoor eating area

I thought the contrast in colors was appealing in this kitchen

And how about this's almost an updated version of my "Dream Kitchen"

Sometimes it's hard for me to know what I really like- because I like so much.  If I had to really come up with a couple of things I wanted for a kitchen it would be that the kitchen isn't closed off from a living or eating area......and that the kitchen can lead to outside or at the very least have beautiful windows. 
I want it to be a place where it's comfortable to hang out and cook. 
oh and a gas ;)

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