Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Veggie Wedgie Wednesday

What to do with all the ZUCCHINI popping up?


 As long as you get your little assembly line set up, breading and baking zucchini isn't so bad at all.
All  you need is Egg Whites, Flour, Bread crumbs, Italian Seasoning and Spray Oil.

This recipe is from Weight Watchers
See it here:

You can make some changes to this recipe for your family- craving more flavor- add Parmesan cheese- dip them in sauce- YUMMY! 
Enjoying my's been a tough summer on these little guys with the heat and not a lot of water.
Weighing in tonight- not too excited as I think I've stayed the same!  I get so disgusted at the gym sometimes and my trainer says, "It's dietary momentum".  I'm hoping so!  Just started back on my normal routine with some added house work is slacking because of my extra trips to the gym.  YIKES


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