Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Kids and water....................

I love watching kids jump in water~

calling doc's office tomorrow to get my blood test results explained to me
the 2 test for tumor markers i'm able to view on-line are
CEA- Carcinoembryonic Antigen
range: 0-5.0 ng (i believe is normal range)
here's my history
2/2010- 0.6 ng
5/2010- 1.6 ng
1/2011- 1.0 ng
7/2011- 0.9 ng  

2nd one is
CA 15-3 Cancer Antigen 15-3
range: 0-36 units (i believe normal range)
here's my history
2/2010- 6 units 
5/2010- 4 units 
1/2011- no measurable units (not sure what that means)
7/2011- 8 units

I have no idea what this really all means - but it is nice to be able to view it I think.  When I talk to someone tomorrow I'll ask what exactly it means- I'm pretty sure I'm in the normal range.  I just wonder if it's OK for the numbers to go up.  Not sure if it really matters because this is just a tool it's not really that simple.  This test won't tell if I have early stage cancer, but it may hint that a tumor is active.

Weighed in with my trainer tonight and no weight change- but I did lose an inch my my measurement around my bust.  We know my bust has gotten smaller so she insists my back has gotten better.  Also lost an inch in my waist.  It can be very discouraging and I swear my tamoxifen is making it so hard to lose and I didn't take it for a few days just to see and I think I feel better - not so full around my middle and I don't feel so old when I work out- BUT the guilt and worry of not taking it is not good. 
 I'm back on it :(
Sometimes I think if I could finally cut out all bad food and only eat good organic food with no meat I would feel more confident to not take my tamoxifen.  I'm feeling more confident about my body being able to fight off cancer cells.  I know tamoxifen increases my odds of survival by 10% so I better just keep on.  :)       
I learned some new cardio tips so that may help fight my tamoxifen.

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