Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Veggie Wedgie Wednesday

It's been a couple of crazy weeks.  Tonight I was actually able to make something good and colorful for dinner and it felt so good.  Rob hasn't been feeling well and it ended up being Lyme disease so I really wanted to make sure and make something beautiful as well as healthy.
Last week when mom and I were in the city we ate something similar to this in the park and it was so yummy.  I love tomatoes when they are lightly cooked- they pop of warm delicious flavor in your mouth.

So tonight I put on a pot of pasta
chopped some of Uncle Al's home grown garlic
quick boiled some broccoli
opened a can of artichoke hearts
washed up some adorable grape tomatoes     
and it was SO yummy

I used one of my new pans......a Christmas gift from mom and dad and it was nice! 
I sauteed the garlic watching very closely not to cook it too much because I add the veggies to also cook in the Olive Oil.  NO ONE ever wants to burn GARLIC.  It's a sin!

I really enjoy this Sea Salt

After the veggies are done- you mix it all together maybe add some parm cheese and 

honestly that heart piece showed up on top like that- how weird...........I was going to have a who can find a heart in their dinner contest, but forgot due to shoveling in all the good stuff.    

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