Friday, June 17, 2011

Fashion Friday

These one shoulders are great for a right sided mast. girl ;) 

LuLus- Madison Square One Shoulder - $38.00

Chinese Laundry - Hotness Pump - at Zappos - $59.00


Alexander McQueen - I believe it's last year -  around $1500.00  :(
It's nice to look at

LuLus - Just Luster One Shoulder - $57.00

Chinese Laundry - Hotness Pump - ON SALE at Zappos - $47.20

Revamp Productions - $395.00 yikes
Babygirlboutique has a red one

Why are purses SO expensive?- I guess cuz we LOVE them.


jackie said...

I love those one shoulder dresses. I have my nieces' wedding in Sept. (gonna be a fancy affair).. and I'm thinking I may look for this style dress. What do you think? Yay or Nay??? I tend to have "bony" collar bones, so maybe it won't work???

Danielle said...

I say YAY! you would look great!