Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cheap Trick Tuesday- $1 Bus ticket to NYC

Well for the 1st time on a trip to NYC we asked about the MidWeek Special and yes there is one- BUT you must ask for it.  Instead of paying $80 we paid $72.
Mom asked about the CHEAP SEATS- like $1- WELL there is such a thing.  What you must do to get these is book your ticket on line at Megabus.com and you have to have set times!
MegaBus is available in other cities too.

So here you'll see for my next doctor appointment I can get $1 up to $41 ticket booked on mega bus- depending on the time.

Now in Binghamton we don't actually have a MEGABUS so it would just be our normal buses.

Traveling by bus can be nice if:
You travel with someone- cuts out the ~who will I sit with~ thoughts
Have an ipod
Have a book/magazine
Have snack
Collapsible water bottle would be really nice
Go to the bathroom before you leave
Get there early so you can get your pick of seats
There are no stops or stops depending
Bring a scarf big enough to be a blanket/pillow- the Buses can be COLD   

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