Friday, October 23, 2009

Life is good.

Yesterday was a stressing day. Not sure why but it sort of ruined my night.

Today I said my prayers and decided to remember that God is right with me. A friend told me about Kris Carr and I really enjoyed her blog. Haven't been going on blogs, but I really enjoyed this one. She has a great attitude and I may get her book.

My genetic test was negative- meaning I don't have the gene mutation for breast and ovarian cancer. That is great news. I was considering surgery on my other breast based on that test, but actually not sure if that was the right thing to do. So my lefty stays- yeah! It seemed sinful to actually get rid of a body part out of fear.

Last night I was hard on Rob because I was fearing chemo and the side effects and how it sucks for him. But this whole thing is going to be a gift for the both of us. I am getting closer to getting sick of fearing everything. My surgeon at Sloan didn't discuss chemo, because it's all like a puzzle and we still need pieces to figure out the treatment.

I will be traveling with my parents Sunday night to NY; my pre-surgical tests are scheduled for 10:30am Monday. I will meet my plastic surgeon at 2:30.
How nice and sweet is this outfit:

I like polyvore- found this picture in my picture file


Sista B said...

That is great news about the genetic testing. And I can hear it in your writing voice that you are doing better and feeling stronger. And to end it with a great outfit - I feel you coming back - I miss your fashion posts! You know you already have inspired me and I know you will inspire others and me even more! Keep up the positive outlook!


Danielle said...

Thanks Becky- I feel like I can look at clothes again- yeah.
Can't look back Can't look down.
I read you should only give cancer enough time to get rid of it. I have my moments but they are getting better.
I love you Becky!!!!!!!