Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Days do get better

I will be having my surgery at Sloan. I am so happy with my surgeon and will meet with my plastic surgeon to go over my reconstruction.

Prayer has gotten so much better and I keep finding signs from above. I am actually feeling prayer. I don't know how to explain it but I feel it. Again at my appointment with my surgeon I closed my eyes and felt St. Theresa with me. It's like I have my own little angel with me.
Another thing that happened- driving to NYC we were a little lost in NJ (no Reed was not driving) and I was looking out my window and I seen the most beautiful picture of Jesus. Then I seen a picture of Mother Theresa. Mother Theresa is the person my priest spoke to me about.

I can't say enough about the wonderful women I've met that are dealing with cancer. I have about 3 new friends and I am in constant contact with some relatives I haven't talked to enough in the past.

I went on the treadmill tonight and felt a bit of a fight in me-  it helped that Lucas lent me his ipod and there was a 50cent song on. I am really trying visualization as well as getting pretty pissed off that this happened to me and my family. BUT I accept whatever trials I have because I do trust in GOD and with him I can do anything. BUT Jesus helps those who help them self!
I'm learning a lot of good stuff. Knowledge is Power.

I've gotten some wonderful gifts. A nun sent me some wonderful things and when I called her on the phone she said "You know I love you". Sometimes it's hard to accept help, gifts and so on, but I'm learning to enjoy those things. I love all my friends and I love all the prayers it helps me so much.

Well- I guess I should sign off. Tomorrow I'm getting a hair cut again- something like a fighting bob.

I love you guys

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Sista B said...

Love you D! Glad you can feel the prayers and that you are getting your strength and determination.

Can't wait to see your new hair cut. I like the idea of a fighting cut - a power cut. You go girl!

See you over the weekend.

Love B