Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Let's hear it for the boys

Being a girly girl always- I love all things girl.
After being a mom to a boy I've learned that boys are extremely wonderful creatures
You look at a boy and yeah he's cute- not like a dressed up little girl cute- just cute
The more you get to know a boy the better it gets
Growing a boy is the most rewarding thing for this mom - I knew all about the workings of a girl 
But the workings of a boy
Truly amazing to me
I love my boy. 

Now I have a few boys in my life who remind me of my boy when he was small.

I like nothing better than looking at boys clothes- cuz- they never seem to have the selection girls do.
Oh if I had a little guy

I might head over to Crewcuts for the No Shipping and splurge on a few of these things

Oh and my greatest memory of my little boy- the Friday nights after his bath- he would be all clean and new- hair combed- smelling fresh- he'd look up at me from his sippy cut in his pjs on the floor ready for a fun night of movies - his smile would melt me!!!  I miss sippy cups, baths and watching him sleep.  I was/am so blessed.
Lucas after his bath before a movie.....

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