Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Well Dad and I made the Italian Easter Pie
 Crosses made of palms from Palm Sunday (last year)

 Baby Nick arrived Saturday before Easter at a Whopping 10 lbs!!!
 I was able to make the Easter Bread......the bread was really good, but the eggs were a soft boiled. 

Also made the peep cake, but my peeps kept falling off so I stuck toothpicks in them -
maybe if I made my own frosting they would have stuck better

Got to mass with all the little ones.....Oh Sammy!!! 

We missed Pat, Jack and Grandma on Easter- but we seen them on the web cam as their boat took off!

 The 3 of us went to brunch together after mass and then for a walk downtown.......here's my cupcake....I never did eat :(  I ate a lot of other things I shouldn't have but not my cupcake.

 1st to the table

It was a good Easter

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