Friday, January 27, 2012

Thankful Thursday a day late...

I know I tend to complain about our house and how we are ready to explode right outta there, but a lot goes on in this little house and it's all good......well most of the time!  Like everyone else if walls could talk you'd hear some really good dirt on us.

I am thankful for our house especially after the year some of friends and neighbors have had during the flood.

A peek into our home: 
Here's my baby from when I was a baby-
I love her so......but in our house 

I almost cry when I find her like this
And mostly I have her hold my jewelry 

In the morning you can find Maggie waking Karl as they have their morning growl! 

And the people of the house
The Teen 


The Human Reindeer

The dog that thinks she human - brat!

Getting the tree for our house is always fun 

 Picking it up to take home

Picking it up again- off the road after it tried to escape off the truck

who's that guy

Decorating a small home is nice and easy

My homemade live wreath  - haveing live greens for wreaths and garland is my new favorite thing of Christmas- I LOVED smelling them as I got in the door. 

Some of my favorite books/magazines come out at Christmas time 

I really wanted to bring the outdoors in

I love this little guy I bought at the craft fair this year 

 Rob painted a few rocks from the lake sliver for me   

Tree branches inside

These silver pine cones were adorable- Kmart. 

At our house we get donuts ready for Elf on the shelf 

We make Maggie wears bows 
and the dogs get wrapped presents at Christmas 

And at night everything looks more magical -

 Our tree all dressed up

An old school project of Lucas' and truck carrying a glass acorn ornament- I love that!  

 Please don't go
 Yes~ very thankful for our home!


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